Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Little Mermaid 4th Birthday Party

Kylie turned 4 years old this past May and requested a Little Mermaid themed party.  Little Mermaid was my favorite Disney movie when I was 4 years old as well (still is!).  This was her first party with just her friends and a few cousins...not our entire family and friends.  It was a hot day...over 100 degrees!...but the girls still had fun playing in the water and being together celebrating Kylie. 
I designed Kylie's party invitation using this cute mermaid clip art I purchased from the Etsy Store Mj Tabush Designs.  I find it much cheaper to design my own party invitations and announcements on the computer and get them printed at Costco.  I upload my own designs and either print Costco's photo cards or 5x7 photos.  Their photo cards are only $15 for 50 cards (including envelopes) or $0.39 for a 5x7 print! 
I created the birthday banner on the computer using the mermaid clip art and printed it on cardstock paper.  I decorated with the fish net (from the Dollar Tree store), burlap runner on the table, and Little Mermaid confetti.  Simple but fun!
I framed a photo of Kylie and Ariel from our recent trip to Disneyland to add to the table decorations.  She now has the frame proudly displayed in her bedroom!  All the snacks were requested by Kylie.  We had Go-Gurt yogurts, mini water bottles, pretzels, Gold Fish crackers, strawberries, gummy octopus, and ocean lemonade!  The pretzels and Gold Fish crackers were served in new sand pails with the shovels.
Kylie really wanted to have a piñata at her party this year!  It was so much fun to watch all the girls swing at it....and race after the candy after it fell out!  The Little Mermaid piñata, along with the tableware, was from Party City
I found these Little Mermaid puzzles at the Dollar Tree store to give as favors.  I added a little tag to each puzzle with the mermaid clip art that read, "Thank you for swimming by my party! Love, Kylie".  I thought they were adorable!  
I was going to buy a Little Mermaid cake from a bakery but was trying to save some $$$ this I made my first birthday cake for Kylie.  I have previously only made cupcakes.  I am pretty proud of the results :).  I guess I have some skills left from decorating cakes at Baskin Robbins back in high!  I ended up cutting out the sea life and Sebastian and Flounder photos that I  printed on the computer onto cardstock...then taped them to toothpicks.  I added a Little Mermaid Ariel toy and graham cracker crumbs to look like sand. 
I can't believe my Little Mermaid is 4 years old now!  It feels like yesterday I was planning her 1st birthday Sweet Shop party!  I have loved planning her parties each year and look forward to many more....along with her sister Braelynn's parties.
  I love to see how much she has grown!  Her 1st and 4th birthday her :)!
I hope you have enjoyed checking out my girls' parties from over the years.  I guess I better start planning for next year :).


  1. So Cute! How does the netting in a big pack? Where did you get burlap and did you just cut yourself?

    1. Hi Layers of Goodness! The fish net came in a single pack at the Dollar Tree store. It was in the Luau decorations. They will start selling their seasonal summer items soon. The burlap was from Hobby Lobby. They sell it in rolls of different sizes. They sell it in a larger width as well. I just cut it myself to the length of the table. Thanks! :)


  3. This is my sister's favorite theme. It's sweet, colorful and just suits a kid's innocence. Glad to be exploring the net and found great Little Mermaid birthday party ideas like this. THis is going to be my niece's party theme next year. yehey <3 God bless always! I would love to pin some photos from this post hope it's find with you.

    1. Thank you for the sweet comment! are welcome to Pin any of the photos from this post :).