Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Curious George 2nd Birthday Party

Oh, how I LOVE Curious George...and this little guy is adorable too!  My friend Terra planned a creative Curious George themed party for her son Nathaniel's 2nd birthday!
Terra based each activity at the party after one of Curious George's books. 
Nathaniel had a photo shoot with his pal George in his own hot air balloon....just like in the book "Curious George and the Hot Air Balloon".  Photography by Terra's friend Shelle Reck.
These are a couple of the colorful George centerpieces at the party!

The George favor bags and "Man with the Yellow Hat" party hats were also created by Terra.  Terra (in the middle) and her husband Jeremy's mother and aunt are posing with the fun hats!

The favor bags were brown lunch bags with George's face.  Inside were Curious George bubbles, tattoos, and rings.

The party hats were made of small yellow paper plates, party hats covered in yellow paper, and black paper for the black ring.
The amazing Curious George cake was created by Terra herself :).  It was a banana cake with vanilla buttercream and fondant.

 They played a fishing game to go along with the book "Curious George Goes Fishing".  Terra sewed the cute little fish for the game. 

They had a bounce house and water slide for the kids from  Bouncer Zone Inflatable Rentals.

The kite piñata was also made by Terra to go along with the book "Curious George Flies a Kite". The piñata had 3 different flavors of banana salt water taffy in it!

They also played a hide and seek bunny game based on the book "Curious George and the Bunny". They hid the bunnies and the children searched for them and got to keep the bunny they found. The bunnies used in the game can be purchased here from eBay.

I loved the welcome chalkboard sign and Nathaniel's Curious George Overalls.  The overalls were a find on eBay from Universal Studios.  Nathaniel even got some fun Curious George gifts :).

Nathaniel had so much fun at his 2nd birthday party!  A perfect theme for a curious little boy :).     


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  2. Hello I Love The Centerpiece With the Balloons I Was Wondering were I Can Find The Little Boxes?

    1. Helol :), the little boxes are actually Chinese food boxes covered in construction paper. For the balloons, I bought paper lanterns from Oriental trading and colored them red with a sharpie. Then glued dowel rods on the box and balloon. Thanks for asking!

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