Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year Organization

Happy New Year 2014
A new year brings a fresh start to many things!  

This year I have a few "New Year Resolutions" and one of them is creating a more organized home, especially in my small space.  Now that my Christmas decorations are taken down and put away, I can focus on organizing the rest of my home.  Here are a few SPACE SAVING tips to help you organize your stuff in each room of your home! :) 

Sofa Shelf
This is a project I would to do to save some floor space in the living room.  Cut a piece of wood the length of your sofa, stain it, and attach to the wall with "L" brackets.

Organization Station
Bliss at Home has a great DIY tutorial to create your own Organization Station in your kitchen or office.  I like how this area fits into a small space.  I LOVE the chevron memo board along with the charging station for your phone and other gadgets. 

Mason Jar Storage
This is actually in my bathroom!  We do not have much counter space in the bathroom and my girls' toothbrushes and other items were starting to look cluttered on the counter top.  My handy husband created this storage area using a piece of wood the length of the counter, stained and sealed it, and attached mason jars using metal pipe clamps.

Vintage Soda Crate Art Supply Storage
I found this creative storage idea from Kristin Eldridge's Photography blog.  She has some easy kid storage ideas as well.  My daughters' art supplies are starting to get messy in their play room area.  This would be a great way to store them all in one place and be able to move them easily from room to room. 

Laundry Room Pegboard
Posh Space has an easy tutorial to create this pegboard in your laundry room.  Who would have thought a broom, dust pan, and cleaning supplies could look so cute?  Saves a lot of space too!  

Gift Wrap Station
Repeat Crafter Me blog gives you step-by-step directions on how to create this gift wrap station behind a door.  Right now my gift wrap is stuffed under my bed!  I would love to be able to organize it like this and save floor space too.

Jewelry Wall
I used to have a large jewelry box that took up half my night stand.  I decided to get rid of the jewelry box and hang my jewelry up like art work!  I found a framed mirror I liked and removed the mirror.  I attached chicken wire to the back of the frame to hang all my earrings.  My husband cut wooden dowels to desired lengths and painted them.  We then hung them on tiny screw hooks.  I love how I can enjoy looking at my jewelry and save space at the same time!

I hope these ideas inspire you if you have organizing on your "New Year Resolution" list.  I am thankful for a new year and new beginnings!

"To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven." Ecclesiastes 3:1

May God bless you during this new season!

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