Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Minnie Mouse 2nd Birthday Party

My youngest daughter, Braelynn, loves all things Minnie what other theme for her 2nd birthday party would I do?  I love the colors of vintage, black, and yellow.  A Minnie or Mickey Mouse theme is so fun and simple to do too!

I created the invitations on the computer and had them printed 5x7 in size at Costco.  You can find this invitation on my Etsy Store Storage Grace Designs.  Click HERE to check it out!

I made a Minnie Mouse wreath to hang above the dessert table.  I purchased a straw wreath from a craft store and wrapped the wreath with thick black ribbon.  The ears are made of Styrofoam circles covered with black nylons.  I attached a red polka dot bow with hot glue and hung a wood "2" with the yellow ribbon.  The red polka dot back drop is a large piece of cardboard (from a large box we already had) covered with wrapping paper.  Hobby Lobby has a good selection of wrapping paper with fun designs.  I also purchased the black and white chevron fabric on the table from Hobby Lobby.  The flag banner is made from scrapbook paper.  

We served "Mini Snacks" and "Minnie Bows" along with cake at the party.  I put baby carrots and mini pretzels in snack cups along with ranch dip on the side.  I made little bows with strawberries and a blue berry.  I attached the strawberries and blueberries together with a toothpick.  Easy!  
I designed all the signs on the computer and printed them on 4x6 photo paper.  I placed them in clear plastic frames to display.  I also created the "Braelynn is 2" 8x10 sign and placed it in a black frame.  

We also had Minnie Cookies and cake!  I got lucky when I found these Minnie Mouse sugar cookies at the grocery store.  They are Pillsbury brand and were out with all the Easter themed cookies...all I had to do was bake them!  I made Braelynn her own little birthday cake...gluten free too!  I made the chocolate Minnies and number "2" out of Wilton Chocolate Melts.  I melted the chocolate in a plastic pastry bag and shaped my own Minnies onto wax paper...then let them cool.  I added red bows with frosting.  I purchased a sheet cake from Costco to serve to all the other party guests. :)

I set up a little photo booth...which was a lot of fun!  I used the polka dot wrapping paper to create a backdrop.  I used a plastic table cloth to hang over the top like a curtain.  The banner says "Happy Birthday".  I put out Minnie Mouse ears, fun glasses, and Minnie Mouse hand props.  

  I created Minnie Mouse centerpieces out of Styrofoam balls.  I hot glued the balls together and spray painted them black.  (Tip: You don't need a lot of paint on the Styrofoam.  Too much paint will cause the Styrofoam to dissolve!  I learned the hard way.)  I inserted a wood skewer into the Minnie Mouse and into another Styrofoam piece at the bottom to hold it up.  I placed them in metal pails with paper shreds.  I added the red bow with a white tack.  On the tables, I also taped on a piece of the polka dot wrapping paper as a runner under the centerpiece.  

We played "Pin the Bow on Miss Minnie" and had fun in the Minnie bounce house.  I purchased the Minnie game off of Amazon.  We rented the bounce house from Bounce n Play.   

For party favors I made Minnie Oreo Pops!  I followed this tutorial from Cooking Classy.  I used red Wilton Chocolate melts to dip the Oreos into.  They were simple to do....and yummy! :)

My sweet girl had so much fun at her Minnie Mouse Party!  I can't believe she is already 2 years old!  Planning birthday parties for my girls is one of my favorite things to do...I love it!

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